Friday, December 09, 2005


"The essence of all three of these torts is interference with the plaintiff's right to possess and control his or her property. Although the concern with the bodily autonomy that characterizes the personal injury torts is not present here, it would be a mistake to suppose that the property torts are concerned only with monetary loss resulting from damage to property."

Believe it or not, this is one of the clearer passages I've read in the last few days. I've had torts on my mind non-stop. Assault, battery, trespass, etcetera. In fact, this morning, I was chipping away at the ice on my car, and I was tempted to do it for my neighbor's car without him knowing, but then I was worried that I would do damage to his car and bring liability upon myself. I immediately considered the "duty to rescue" doctrine, as well as "due care" once you decide to offer aid to another.

Well, anyway, the good news is that although there is a lot of ice around here, I'm not the one outside shoveling/picking the ice on the sidwalk. Yay for renting.

Also worthy of note is that Rosa got approached by another guy yesterday. When he found out she was married, he seemed embarassed, but she was polite about it. They both smiled and moved on.

In other news, I have to go back to studying. Happy Friday!

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