Monday, December 12, 2005

One Down, Three to Go

So I just finished my torts final. Yay! My first law school final is over. I was getting really nervous this weekend, and this morning especially. But it wasn't too bad after all. The test itself was everything I expected it to be, plus an hour. FOUR hours total. I basically sat down and started typing, and finished about 22 pages later. But at least now I've got one exam under my belt.

Criminal Law final is next. Another "100% of the semester grade" test. It's not as exciting of a subject as you'd think. It's more of a philosophy of punishment class. My professor is one of the country's leading experts on the subject, so he's totally out of touch with what first-year law student life is like. He's a very nice guy, but he's like 700 years old, so he was lecturing over our heads for an entire semester. Hopefully I can figure out what he wants by Thursday at 1:30.

Not much else to report. Just me and the books. And my lovely bride. Happy Monday!

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