Wednesday, December 28, 2005

ho ho ho!

Christmas weekend was a mighty success.

Christmas Eve was filled with family traditions: open-face crab sandwiches, martinelli's, scriptures about the birth of the Savior, etc. Oh, and of course we put out cookies for Santa.

Christmas day, we went to church, enjoyed a lovely Sacrament meeting presented by the bishop's family, and I accompanied a violinist on a special musical number of "O Holy Night." Oh, and I accompanied all the hymns because the organist emailed me the night before asking me to save him since he wasn't in town and forgot to ask me! It was no big deal. Then when we got home, we changed back into our PJs and opened gifts. We were very blessed. There were definitely too many presents for just the the two of us. Our friends and family were very generous to us. The biggest surprise of all was Rosa and I got some studio equipment, so now we can record our own music!

Monday we watched "A Charlie Brown Christmas." Very fitting, I suppose. And we tried to get our studio equipment to work, but it's not as simple as you'd think. There are still some kinks we're working through, but we hope to have it all up and running by the end of the week.

Today I spent several hours moving a home teachee from one apartment to another. Down a couple flights of stairs and up a couple more. If you ever want to remember how out of shape you are, just help a friend move in town. Yipes.

Rosa's actually out right now with the sister missionaries. They're visiting a Spanish-speaking family that doesn't know any English. When they called, I wonder if they thought she spoke Spanish since her name is Rosa. Hopefully it works out okay!

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