Friday, December 16, 2005

cholesterol rising

My parents very kindly sent us some Omaha steaks and burgers. So Rosa and I each ate a steak last week and boy, were they good.

But we had a storm last night (I use the term "storm" loosely), and the power went out. We assumed we'd have power back within a few hours, so we just lit some candles and hung out. Once 10pm came and we still had no power, I decided it was time to save the steaks, so I ate another one. This morning came, and still had no power. The people across the street had their lights on, darn it, but we didn't. Rosa's work had power too, so she went to work today, and I? Yes, I had another steak.

Now before you judge, just remember: these are really good steaks! At this point, they're mostly thawed out, and we just barely got the power back like an hour ago (that's a total of 24 hours, folks, with no power, caused by an afternoon storm of about one inch of snow). And I guess we can't let them re-freeze now that they're thawed, so Rosa is right now cooking up everything in our now thawed-out freezer, so that when the freezer gets cold again in an hour, we can stick all our meat back in there.

That might be more detail than is necessary, but the point is: I had an excuse to eat two steaks in about 12 hours. And the other point is: Charlottesville is ill-prepared for "disasters" such as a little snow and teeny bit of ice.

In other news, I took my Criminal Law exam yesterday. People always kindly ask, "How did it go?" The answer is you never know. Since everything in law school is a huge competition, all exams are graded on a curve. So really it doesn't matter how I did; it only matters how everyone else did. And we'll all have to wait until late January or February to find out.

And a happy 235th birthday today to Ludwig van Beethoven.

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