Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to School

That phrase used to be more exciting than it is now. It used to elicit feelings of anticipation - a new year, a new teacher, new backpack, new tennis shoes,... I don't have a new backpack, but I do have a trendy new Ogio shoulder bag, courtesy of Manning Curtis, which holds my computer and makes me look stylish at the same time. I don't have new tennis shoes, but I definitely have a brand new beautiful suit, along with tailored shirts, new ties, new belt, new dress shoes, and even some new socks, all of which definitely helped in my TWENTY ONE interviews over the past five weekdays. Yowza! I interviewed with eighteen firms (a handful had me interview separately for separate offices). I didn't think it would be that taxing - I enjoy talking to people and asking questions - but it really was draining, especially yesterday, when I had seven interviews in one day. I guess it's a good problem to have. Everyone keeps asking how things went, and the answer immediately is "great, I think" - I won't find out how things really went until I hear back from each firm, at which point I'll know if they're passing on me, or if I have a "callback." If I get called back, the firm will fly me out to their office for an even more grueling set of interviews with various associates and partners there in the office. At least I get to fly around a bit - hopefully. So far I've gotten three callbacks - which is at least enough to know I'm not a nincompoop. All three great firms - so that's exciting.

Anyway, back to Criminal Adjudication reading. I almost forgot - going back to school actually entails learning!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

My Bird Girl

Rosa made her Utah musical theatre debut this past Friday night as "Bird Girl #2" in an adorable trio of singers in Rodgers Memorial Theatre's Seussical: The Musical. The silly, family-friendly song-and-dance show revolving around the storyline from Horton Hears a Who opened Friday night to a sold-out crowd, and was extremely well received. In fact, the entire 3-week run of the show has nearly sold out, and there's already talk about extending the run. I'm so proud of you, Rosie!

Just to embarass her, here's her picture for the entire world to enjoy:

She's so very... yellow. No seriously, though, isn't she adorable?

Friday, August 18, 2006

I made it!

Last night, my 32-hour drive from Salt Lake ended - and fortunately, at the time, I was in my car, parking right out front of my Charlottesville apartment. The last day of driving was definitely the worst, and felt the longest. I just wanted to be done with it. On the bright side, I was very fortunate to be traveling in such comfort in perfect safety. And I even got to stop and see Julie's family along the way.

Today's my nephew's birthday - he's five! Sometimes I feel sad that we're all so far away from each other. But at least we have airplanes and cars so we can visit each other.

This morning, I've joined in helping a couple friends move in. I'm still going through my own boxes, buying books, picking up groceries, cleaning the car, and trudging my way through all these errands that gotta get done.

Back to work!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Article about auditions

Check out my latest article here.

Landed in lovely Loveland

Drove from Centerville, UT to Ogallala, NE

Drove from Ogallala, NE to Moline, IL

Drove from Moline, IL to Loveland, OH

My sister Julie and her family live here in Loveland in their beautiful new home. Custom, gorgeous, everything you could want in a house. Julie says they'll stay here until she can't walk up the stairs any more.

I was pleasantly greeted, given a tour of the home, and shown my lovely guest quarters. It's fun to see the nearby basement area where Julie will soon be teaching early morning Seminary! We went out to dinner a local cafe place, and then picked up the kids from mutual activities. When we got home, we watched Saints and Soldiers, which I hadn't seen before. Rockin' flick.

Time to go to bed, even though it "feels" like it's not as late to me. I'm still on Utah time. Off to bed anyway...

Friday, August 11, 2006

Goodbye, Summer

Today is my last day at work. It has really been a wonderful summer. All the attorneys and staff members at Manning Curtis Bradshaw & Bednar have treated me very well. Although we've had fun firm activities and lots of nice free lunches, what's meant the most to me is that I've gotten to really work. Within the first few minutes after I arrived my first day, I was already digging in to a case. I've had lots of opportunities to contribute substantively to a whole host of cases in a variety of areas of the law. Much of my work has been flipped around and given straight to the client, which I take as a compliment. I've done work for all sorts of clients - everyone from a friend of an associate to some very sophisticated blue-chip clients. I did work in a dozen areas of the law, sat in on a motion hearing (which we won!), and even drafted a motion that was filed in court (which I hope we win!). It's really been an incredible experience.

This week, the firm's managing partner and recruiting coordinator took me out to lunch. They asked me for some feedback about the firm and the firm's summer program. I had mostly glowing things to say, but gave a couple constructive criticisms, which they were delighted to hear. After that, they gave me some feedback on my performance, which was more kind than it probably should have been, and then they made me an offer to return to the firm! It was really exciting - getting an offer is about the best way to finish your summer at a law firm. After making the offer for me to return next summer, the firm said they'd understand if I went elsewhere next year, just to expose myself to more areas of the law, or to other types of firms. There's no telling where Rosa and I will be next summer or what type of firm we'll be at. But regardless, it's nice to know that Manning Curtis will give me a nice recommendation, and that I'm hopefully always welcome back here.