Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Landed in lovely Loveland

Drove from Centerville, UT to Ogallala, NE

Drove from Ogallala, NE to Moline, IL

Drove from Moline, IL to Loveland, OH

My sister Julie and her family live here in Loveland in their beautiful new home. Custom, gorgeous, everything you could want in a house. Julie says they'll stay here until she can't walk up the stairs any more.

I was pleasantly greeted, given a tour of the home, and shown my lovely guest quarters. It's fun to see the nearby basement area where Julie will soon be teaching early morning Seminary! We went out to dinner a local cafe place, and then picked up the kids from mutual activities. When we got home, we watched Saints and Soldiers, which I hadn't seen before. Rockin' flick.

Time to go to bed, even though it "feels" like it's not as late to me. I'm still on Utah time. Off to bed anyway...


amber nicole said...

DON'T TRASH THE NATI! please refer to my nati-loving diatribe. i'm so glad you're there. gonna see any tennis?? any reds games? you know how to get the hook up :)

dave said...

exactly when did i trash the nati? i dig the nati. i'm down.

amber nicole said...

just warning you. you still in the nati? you should hit up keith and nan for some tennis tourney tickets :)

did you eat some graeters ice cream? black raspberry chip? and die laughing until you couldn´t even breathe anymore?

dave said...

hahahaha, no, i'm not still there. i've made it to charlottesville - doing all the back-to-school stuff. i even have a new book bag!