Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to School

That phrase used to be more exciting than it is now. It used to elicit feelings of anticipation - a new year, a new teacher, new backpack, new tennis shoes,... I don't have a new backpack, but I do have a trendy new Ogio shoulder bag, courtesy of Manning Curtis, which holds my computer and makes me look stylish at the same time. I don't have new tennis shoes, but I definitely have a brand new beautiful suit, along with tailored shirts, new ties, new belt, new dress shoes, and even some new socks, all of which definitely helped in my TWENTY ONE interviews over the past five weekdays. Yowza! I interviewed with eighteen firms (a handful had me interview separately for separate offices). I didn't think it would be that taxing - I enjoy talking to people and asking questions - but it really was draining, especially yesterday, when I had seven interviews in one day. I guess it's a good problem to have. Everyone keeps asking how things went, and the answer immediately is "great, I think" - I won't find out how things really went until I hear back from each firm, at which point I'll know if they're passing on me, or if I have a "callback." If I get called back, the firm will fly me out to their office for an even more grueling set of interviews with various associates and partners there in the office. At least I get to fly around a bit - hopefully. So far I've gotten three callbacks - which is at least enough to know I'm not a nincompoop. All three great firms - so that's exciting.

Anyway, back to Criminal Adjudication reading. I almost forgot - going back to school actually entails learning!

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