Thursday, September 20, 2007

Summer in New York

Photos from this summer. It's about time.

We lived on the Lower East Side in Manhattan, right on the edge of Chinatown. Grand St was one of our main subway stops, though Rosa skipped it as much as possible, since the area smells a lot like fish. The Chinese apparently love their open fish markets.

One of the first things we did after arriving in the city was walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. One of the coolest things about the walk is the beautiful view of Manhattan behind us. That's midtown in the background.

That's the famous NYC downtown skyline behind me.

After opening to the public in 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge is now one of the oldest suspension bridges in the United States. This footpath area hangs right above the road below, and is used by thousands of pedestrians and cyclists each day to commute to and from work.

We had several opportunities to dine at some fancy New York restaurants while we there, and of course you can guess that lava cake was right at the top of our priority list. This cake from Bryant Park Cafe was one of the best in our opinion. And yes, most of the food served at NYC restaurants is this pretty.

There are lots of beautiful fountains around the city, which make for lovely photographs.

Rosa is a professional subject for my amateur photography skills.

Nice shoes, huh. Payless.

We took this picture ourselves, obviously. In one of Manhattan's 8 billion parks.

This looks like Bryant Park, though I can't be sure.

The chairman of my law firm has a great relationship with several retired Mets. The firm invited the whole summer class out to a Mets game for an awareness day. The bleachers are really fun!

This is a really common view of Rosa at any baseball game. Cotton candy comes right after lava cake on Rosa's list of priorities.

We snagged tickets to a couple more Mets games during the summer. The partners with season tickets are very generous to the summer associates. Great seats!

You can't really tell from this picture, but one of the greatest things about Shea Stadium (in Brooklyn) is the gorgeous view of the Manhattan skyline.

We also made it out to a Yankees game.

Yankees Stadium is super fun. Everyone hates us when they find out we're cheering for the Yankees, but they're so fun to watch! Derek Jeter, A-rod, Jorge Posada, Hideki Matsui... how can you hate this team?! We love 'em.

We also took the opportunity to visit Ground Zero a couple times this summer. We've been there before, but every time you go there is just a special spirit there. It's about as close as we get to something sacred in our secular society.

Those who were in the city on 9/11 told us that most of the streets looked like this. Missing Persons ads everywhere you look. What a stunning photo.

On a much lighter note, we also took some time to visit our best friend Esther who lives in upstate New York. On a visit by herself, Rosa took time to make up Esther's face and cut her bangs. Esther says hates getting "pretty" but secretly we know she loves it.

It was a really hot day. And ice cream in Bath, NY is like 5 cents, compared to like $1,450 in Manhattan. If you're keeping track, yes we gained weight over the summer. But I'm proud to say we've worked it all off by now.

I found this photo in our camera, and I had to post it. I had to leave the city a little earlier than Rosa because I had to return to Charlottesville for orientation as peer advisor, while she stayed behind to finish her acting/singing classes. I sent Rosa these flowers while we apart; I had no idea she took a photo of them.

Thanks for meandering through our summer photos. Now at least Mom (and Irene) can stop asking to see them.

It was a great summer!


rosa brown said...

The funny thing about the picture of the sign at the baseball game is that it was "rows A-P"... or pronounced "ROWSA P", as I was known in middle school. Ha.

YAY for New York!

davecharliebrown said...

Oh THAT's why we had that picture in there. I forgot how much we laughed when we saw that. Man we're lame.

Rufener Family said...

Looks like you guys had a great summer in New York! It nice to see all the pictures of your adventures! The lava cake looks so good!!! Miss you guys tons!

Jared Scott said...

How fun! I have never been to New York City, but it looks like there is tons of fun stuff to do!


monimoni said...

I like the rowsap thing. I would have laughed with you both if it makes you feel any better. BTW, my blog is still lame, but maybe I'll beat Rosa's record of one year neglected.

irene said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!...hahhaah, just kidding...but really :), thanks for posting some stuff from gorgeous NY!!!...Looks like you had the summer of your lives!...and by the way, you both are lookin' good!