Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back in black

So it's been over a month. All my friends have complained. But like that Land Before Time movie, I just keep coming back!

I have been planning on doing one big update with lots of pictures from this summer. Unfortunately, it's taking me forever to upload and organize all my photos. So maybe I'll just start blogging again and get the photos up whenever I can.

The summer ended very well. The firm gave me an offer to return. Rosa stayed in NYC while I came back to Virginia to do orientation as a peer advisor. Somewhere in there, we got to visit with Rosa's family in Cleveland when her brother Gabe returned from his mission, and then I enjoyed a quick visit to my sister's house in Cincinnati.

Now we're both back in C-ville. School is in session, Rosa's back working again, and our little singing group just had auditions. We're cruisin' along. Classes are good, I'm eating healthier, and life is happy.

I promise to keep blogging.

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