Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Elder GAP

I mentioned in a previous post that at the end of the summer, Rosa and I went to Cleveland to visit her family. The occasion for the visit was the return of her brother Gabe from his 2-year mission for our church. We've been writing emails back and forth once a week, and we've talked to him on the phone twice per year. He's been very focused, and worked very hard, and we're really proud of him. But after not seeing him for so long, we really missed him! Here are some photos of his Homecoming at the Cleveland Airport.

Nothing like hugging your mother for the first time in two years!

Proud Papa Parma

Gabe with mom and dad

Gabe with three of his sisters: Monica, Rosa, and Julianna. How obvious is it that these kids all have the same mom?!

Gabe with Monica again and her husband Matt (or Matt Hawg, as we like to call him)

Gabe was just the right amount of awkward

... but still kept his great sense of humor.

Tons of laughs, as always.

He even brought some of his missionary nametags for the family to wear for a few minutes.

We just loved hanging around him.

And of course Mom Parma had a hard time keeping her hands off him.

We're glad you're home, Gabe!


irene said...

Rosa's sisters are gorgeous!!!...and you are right, nothing like that first hug to your mom after a mission....

monimoni said...

I love the pics! The Matt Hawg is great; we got a laugh over that. I felt like I was there all over again. Thanks.