Saturday, September 15, 2007

"Happy haircut!"

So Rosa had this nice hairdo and everything, but at the end of the summer she wanted to go to one last nice New York salon before heading back to Virginia. Unfortunately, it turned out not so nice. They basically gave her two haircuts. The top is a certain length and then the hair underneath is much longer. And we're not talking layers -- it's just a butcher job.

But back in Charlottesville, she paid much less for a much better haircut. She still has layers, but they work together now.

So now she can just grow it out evenly and do whatever she wants with it. Isn't my wife pretty?!


irene said...

She is just soo cute!!!!..with layers or no layers!!..Glad to see that you are back at blogging!..yesssss!!!

sassparilla said...

looking good, rosa. you should know that crazy layers like that (i call them the girl mullet) are ALL OVER the place in south america and europe. guys even have long mullets.

but i understand not wanting to go along with that trend... it was my biggest fear when i got my hair cut in santiago. i was like, NO LAYERS PLEASE!

Amanda said...

Much better! I worry about getting my haircut in NY and I don't even live in a fashionable city! I may have to come back to Charlottesville each time I need a cut.

Sarah said...

Rosa wasn't kidding when she said she got 2 haircuts! At least it cleaned up nicely. She's always so cute.

monimoni said...

I'm stalking you; you never did send me your blog site.

Anyway, that was pretty atrocious! I'm glad it's better now.

rosa brown said...

Ha, I totally had a girl mullet. Gross.

A big fat WHEW on my new hair. It's MUCH better than what I had, and I feel better about the cut every day. And it looks a lot better than the picture on here where there's a shadow behind me and it makes me look like I've got major volume on half of my head... Thanks for the support, everybody. :)