Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Finals are over!!!!!!!

How did I feel about them? I have no idea. I've decided by this point that I am incapable of judging my own performance. Virtually every exam I've felt good about has landed me a below-average grade. And conversely, almost every exam that dragged me through the mud ended up being at least an A-. So where does this leave me? I can't tell. I won't find out my grades until February 1, and ultimately my grade will depend more than anything on the performance of my peers. Thank you very much, Mr. Curve.

But seriously, I felt fine. And I know I at least passed, so last-semester-of-law-school, here I come!

Also, Cleveland here I come. For Christmas. And then Salt Lake here I come. But after all that, Spring 2008 semester... here I finally come!


irene said...

Congrats Dave!!!!..Now relax and eat a lot of turron!!!

irene said...

ok, ok, we know that finals are over...but it's your blog over too???????????

rosa brown said...

Update your freakin' blog. It's starting to look as neglected as mine, for goodness sake.

The Olson Family said...

Finals have been over for a long time. Get over it!
We are sick of looking at this everyday. :)

Kindt Family said...

Hey! Look who we found! Hope you're doing well! Come check out our site to see updated pics and info of us as well. kindtfamily.blogspot

Take Care!