Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Warning: reading this blog may be hazardous to your intelligence

It seems the best way to amass a series of comments on your blog is to wait several weeks between posts. But I promise not to do that any more. The past several weeks have been very busy and quite eventful in the Brown household. Frankly, the main thing that's been keeping me from posting is the difficulty of uploading photos to Blogger. But alas, I should do it.

In the meantime, I thought this was a great way to return:

blog readability test

It takes more than SIX weeks to get grades back from Fall semester, but it takes less than six seconds to get a horrible grade on my blog. If it's any consolation, Rosa's blog is elementary too.

To close this post, I'd like to make a feeble attempt at raising my grade level by inserting some of the words I've actually heard in the last hour during my corporations class:
confidentiality agreement
contract drafting
residual loss
property rights
discretionary authority
recurring disputes
ownership of information between corporation and partnership and participants

Class is over. I'm going home to read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.


The Olson Family said...

Gregory wants to know what he should do if most of his grades in elementry school were failing...

Nice post we give you four Olson thumbs up and two gold stars!


SageGreen said...

You shouldn't feel bad. I checked out some of my friend's blogs and the simpliest ones had higher levels than the complex ones. I think their test is flawed! Although I got a high school rating and that wasn't too bad!