Sunday, December 16, 2007

Some overdue photos

From Thanksgiving.

It was nice to spend some quality time with family.

We also followed the Parma family holiday tradition of making chocolates for friends and family. First you have to assemble all your supplies, and melt all the chocolates in crockpots and double boilers.

Then you just start sculpting and dipping.

When you're finished with a set of chocolates, you put 'em in the freezer. Or even in the ice maker if you're running out of space.

Then when they've hardened, you drop 'em on wax paper until the end of the day when you wrap them up in baggies for friends. The shape choices are endless.

And sometimes, when your friends aren't looking, you maybe sneak a bite.

It was a fun trip! Thanks to my brother's family and Rosa's brother's family for all your wonderful generosity.


irene said...

No me puedo creer que sepais hacer esos chocolates!!!!...Son super-profesionales, como de los que te encuentras en una tienda!....Loved them and I bet they tasted AMAZING! (how did you like this comment, half spanish half english!)

Amanda said...

THIS is what I like to see ... more pictures of chocolate!!!

sassparilla said...

number one -- are you flexing in the sneak bite picture?

number two -- you're becoming a pretty good photographer!