Monday, October 08, 2007

Mmmmm... Hm.

I went to Staples the other day to pick up, of all things, a stapler. A very nice fellow checked me out at the register, and right before I walked away I caught a glimpse of his nametag:


That might be the greatest sighting of 2007.


rosa brown said...


Wes, Rachel and Lauren Cairns said...

Gotta love creative people!
I knew you freshman year at BYU. Looks like life is treating you well!

Chris said...

Did you call him "Crab man"? Because you should have - an obvious reference to "My Name is Earl." (But name isn't actually Earl...) Also, since I've never been to VA, I can only conclude based off this post that everyone in VA is named Darnell. Nice post Darnell.