Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rosa's Charlottesville Debut

The Curtises and I packed into the back seat of the Olsons' car this past weekend to go out to Barboursville. Why are we so dressed up? Because Four County Players was having its 35th anniversary Musical Revue and Celebration, that's why! Rosa had two big solos in the production of "The Little Theatre That Could."

While we were packed in the car, she was busy getting ready backstage. Note the two bags of kettle corn.

She did a GREAT job! We were so proud! She got a jillion compliments from the audience members after the show. Of course. Some of the older ladies were especially fond of her beautiful dress, commenting that they wore similar dresses "back in the day." I seem to recall the word "classy" being used several times.

After the show we gathered out front of the beautiful building with the big red doors to take photos which ended up looking like awkward prom photos. It was fun despite our awkwardness.

We're so proud of you, Rosie!


abradfordgardner said...

Dave, I think you look great in a suit (...and always, but a suit really suits you. ha.)And Rosa continues to be gorgeous!

And, I read your post on Amber's blog -- I think I need to get back east, too (as cool as Chicago is!). Manhattan is a swell place to start, if only the husband wanted to live there. We'll see.

irene said...

Good for her!!!!..Wow...all those girls are gorgeous!!!!...and ps. cuando quieras hacemos una paellita!!!!:)