Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

This photo brought to you by the Parmas of Texas. Their new daughter Bria is just adorable, isn't she?

Church was fantastic today - very spiritual, very Easterly. So rejuvenating! Plus the ward choir performed and did a great job. And get this - I was sustained as the new organist! Yikes! I hope my 6 months of organ lessons from high school come back to me soon...

After we got home from Church, we found out the Easter bunny came to our house. We got a couple of Easter baskets full of candy, just like the one Bria's got here.

Then we spent the afternoon having Easter dinner with the Forbes, Olsons, and Hartshorns. We had an Egg Bashing contest, which basically means two people rolling hardboiled dyed eggs on the floor toward each other at high speed. After a horrible losing streak at the beginning, Rosa came back and won the whole thing! What did she win? More candy! Yay! Some delicious desserts and fun games rounded out a lovely evening.

Tomorrow is my big "trial" - my final exam for Trial Advocacy class. I'm going to try to convict this obviously guilty armed bank robber. Wish me luck.

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irene said...

She is very cute....