Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Good news

Yesterday's trial was the most work I've put into anything in school, maybe ever. (My senior linguistics thesis was a close rival.) When all was said and done, I was very proud of our team. I felt we tried the case well. As it turns out, our jury came back hung. Boo. Three in favor of conviction and three against. Since I had been on the prosecution side, this wasn't great news.

But after I heard the explanations from the jurors, I felt much better. One of the three in favor of acquittal was the boyfriend of the defendant. So I don't necessarily value his vote as much. One of the others in favor of acquittal was 90% sure he did it, and I felt like if we sent them back to deliberate further, she would've been convinced the other 5% necessary. And the last person in favor of acquittal was mostly worried about why we hadn't presented more witnesses and a few other issues that were likewise outside the factual scenario given to our class. So basically her only concerns were details beyond our control. So overall, I had cause to rejoice. I feel we did well, and the professor's feedback was quite positive. Most importantly, I learned a TON through this totally hands-on exercise. And even more importantly, I'm DONE with that class this semester. Sweet!

In other news, right after our trial ended, I received my MPRE score in the mail - I PASSED!!! Yay!!! I'm ethical! My score will be sent to the New York Bar Association in the next couple of weeks. I'm one step closer to being a lawyer.


elliott said...

Congratulations on completing your trial. I saw your blog and just wanted to drop you a quick note -- if you're interested in becoming a trial lawyer after graduation, I publish a free weekly trial advocacy newsletter entitled Trial Tips that will help you persuade jurors and win trials. If you're interested, please visit http://www.TrialTheater.com to sign up for your free subscription.

Congratulations on your MPRE score, too. You're almost there!

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irene said...

Guapo!...gracias por ser un fiel comentarista de mi blog!!!. Solo queria mandarte un beso a ti y a tu Rosa Primorosa..:)...a ver si pones alguna fotillo vuestra!