Wednesday, April 04, 2007

catching up

The bad thing about having a blog is that it gets outdated very quickly.

The good thing about having an outdated blog is you can just spend a couple minutes writing something new and you're suddenly all updated.

New York was awesome, as always. I checked out the apartment where Rosa and I will be living this summer - Lower East Side, kind of on the edge of Chinatown, funky little neighborhood. It'll be cool. I also met many of my fellow Weil Gotshal summer associates - turns out there are A HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE of us. Several delicious meals, some schwanky non-alcoholic drinks for yours truly, and more information about the firm and the summer program. It's gonna be a rockin' summer. I can't believe I'll be getting paid to do so much cool, fun stuff.

General Conference Weekend was so rejuvenating and refreshing. I can't wait for the transcripts to be available.

Today I'm going to jail. Fortunately, they're not locking me up. Not this time, anyway. I'm going there with the local Federal Public Defender to interpret for him in an interview with a Spanish-speaking inmate. I did this a couple weeks ago at a different jail, same PD. It's not as easy as I had hoped (I don't keep up my Spanish as well as I could), but it's surprisingly rewarding. I don't get many opportunities to use my Spanish to help anyone, so this is a nice little chance to apply my Spanish in the real world. Wish me luck.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


Sarah said...

Hey Dave, (I found you on the Olsons blog) I think it's great that you are translating for the public defender too. Did Josh give them your name? They desparately need help from Spanish pros like you and Josh.

amber nicole said...

you're a funny writer. ps. i'm in el salvador right now. how 'bout that?

Ericka said...

Hm, I speak Spanish. I wasn't aware that they needed this in Cville. Maybe I can get more involved next year.