Monday, January 23, 2006


So today was a perfect day back! I got my tuition paid, I completed all my final registration requirements, I saw all my old buddies, it was all grand. I had my first class at 8:25am (yikes), which was Accounting. We spent half the time talking about the FASB, and I felt like bragging about my Dad working for them. I already understand my Wall Street Journal a little better! Property class was pretty interesting as well. My teachers are doing their best with what could be otherwise boring subjects. Things look promising.

But the biggest development of the day: I GOT A JOB! I got a phone call from the recruiting attorney at Manning, Curtis, Bradshaw, & Bednar, and she offered me a job, which I accepted on the spot. Rosa and I had talked it over beforehand and decided that if I got an offer from them, I should just take it. So I did. Hooray!

The firm is small, and I'll be their only summer clerk. I'll get lots of hands-on experience, and hopefully get some good skills. Now I just have to focus on this semester... back to tonight's homework: reading the Constitution!

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