Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year!

So it's a little after 6pm, and we just got home from church. You see, there are three wards that meet in our building, and there's barely enough parking for one. The ward that comes from very far away (over 45 min) gets the middle of the day spot, so the other two wards swap between really early and really late. So the last four months, we've had church at 8:30am, but we just switched today to 3:10pm! It's weird when you come out of church and it's dark out. We have to remember to turn on our porch light before we leave for church! But at least we get to sleep in... :)

So anyway, happy new year! We thought about not staying up last night, but we got invited to our neighbors' place. We enjoyed a bit of Dick Clark (and Ryan Seacrest) and Martinelli's. 2005 was an excellent year. I graduated from college, went on tour with Vocal Point, started law school, and of course GOT MARRIED. This next year isn't looking as eventful, but maybe that's good. I need a rest after last year. Although who knows. I always seem to get into some kind of mischief.

So Happy New Year to all and to all a... something clever.

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