Monday, January 23, 2006

Sweet vacation

Rosa and I just got back from our vacation in Utah. Even though it lasted two weeks, it went by like two snaps.

The first week, I spent a lot of time on the computer, working with my team to finish my moot court brief. I also sang in my mother's lesson in Church, and Rosie accompanied me. We had a joint birthday-party for Mom, Dad, Rosa, and Mark, who all have January birthdays! I had a job interview with a small firm, Manning, Curtis, Bradshaw, & Bednar. It was just lunch and a short interview, but I had a good time. The people there were really friendly, and I think it went well. We visited Provo a couple times, helping the BYU a cappella groups prepare for the International Championship of Collegiate A cappella, which we then attended that Saturday. Our groups, Vocal Point and Noteworthy, took first and second respectively. Both will advance to the Semi-final round at Stanford this March. Before going to see the ICCA show, we got together with some of the other Noteworthy alumni, and held the first meeting of the Noteworthy Alumni Association. It was so fun to be with all our old friends! Everyone is still so passionate about the group! It'll be fun to see where things go with the NAA in coming years. I can already tell that these ladies will be able to do so much for the group! We also had a fun triple date with Mark & Laura and my parents, when we went out to see The Nerd, which is one of the funniest plays ever made. One of Rosa's friends from her BYU acting class played the leading role, and it was absolutely hilarious. It was a great week.

The next week proved less eventful, but still extremely enjoyable. Rosie and I sang a duet in Sacrament Meeting, I had another job interview (with Kirton & McConkie), we missed my Dad on his birthday (he was in CT, getting trained by the FASB), we had visits from old BYU friends and old mission buddies, and Noteworthy came to spend the weekend at our house for a Winter retreat. So freakin' cool. It's fun to hear them all sing so well, but it's even more fun to see them really capture the vision of where the group can go.

The trip home was eventful yesterday. We left home late for our flight. When we finally made it to the airport, it was just in time to discover that I had left my wallet on the counter! Mom drove it to us in extreme haste, and I made the plane with literally seconds to spare. Three flights later, we landed in Charlottesville, but our luggage didn't make it. Luckily, this morning it was dropped off, and all is well (except for some broken zippers!).

This would've been more interesting in installments along the way, as opposed to a big sudden unloading of stories, but at least it's all there. Today is the first day of class! Off I go!

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