Friday, July 27, 2007

Ludlow St.

This post is brought to you by all those people who keep asking about how small my apartment is. The answer is: it's small. I haven't measured it, but it can't be more than 500 sq. ft.

These are the photos the renters sent to us before we moved in. The place looks substantially the same, except the bedspread is white, and there's different clothes in the closet. And the basketball game on the TV set has switched to baseball.

Yes, that's a DVR box up on top of the TV. We're basically addicted to DVR now.
It's green apple mania in our living/dining/everything room.

Turn around from that other shot and you see this kitchen. This is a really big kitchen by New York standards.
It's genius - the dishwasher fits right under the sink.
Queen size bed - not bad. And an air conditioner, which is nice for muggy northeast nights.
The reverse view of the same room.
My closet. Nothing too exciting, except for the sheer magnitude of it (remember where we are).
Lots of storage behind these mirrors. And we have one of those cool toilet seat lids that closes softly on its own.

More of the bathroom - an exciting finale to an already bland blog post.

If you want any more info about our apartment, you'll have to come visit. We have a lovely fold-out bed, and we're happy to fold it out for people (like Esther, who's coming to visit next weekend!).

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irene said...

cute apartment!!!!!!....Still loving NY?