Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Rosa!

This post comes 8 days too late, but I've finally uploaded our pictures into my computer. In honor of our second anniversary, Rosa whisked me away to a local bed & breakfast called the Foxfield Inn. It was a delightful place.

We had a wonderful time. Thanks, Rosie!!


irene said...

how cute!!...You guys look awesome!

rosa brown said...

HONEY, you're SO cute for posting this! Two down, eternity to go. :)
I love you!

amber nicole said...

i like that she "whisked" you away. i'm wondering about that word. how is that different than whisking an egg? ha.

also, i needed you the other day when spontaneously in front of my first period class on may first i go, "oh my gosh! may day! i wonder how may day turned into something you yell when your plane is crashing!" we looked around online for a second, but couldn't find it.


davecharliebrown said...

"Whisking" someone away is definitely from the same origin as whisking an egg. Fourteenth century origin.

"Mayday" comes from the French m'aider, which means "help me."


Ericka said...

Hey, I saw you guys in the rental office about a month ago - I recognized you from law school but didn't connect you to the blog right away. Anyway, I wanted to say hi, and hopefully you guys will come out for the NY UVa stuff this summer. (You're not on facebook so you're not on the facebook NY summer group, but we'll send emails too.)

- Ericka (2L)

davecharliebrown said...

Hey thanks Ericka! I'm definitely interested in coming to the NY UVa stuff. Please do email me.

My wife Rosa is on Facebook, in case you want to link to "me" there.