Friday, May 11, 2007

Celebrate good times! (come on)

Hooray!! I just finished my huge paper and submitted it online. That means three things of great importance to me:

1. I am finished with all my exams and classes for my second year of law school. I'm done.
2. I have finished my writing requirement for law school, so next year while all my fellow third-years are writhing in pain at this time, I'll be at the beach.
3. I can hit the road (seriously, like in 20 minutes) with Rosie! We're off to Manhattan for the summer!

I feel like a million bucks.


Anonymous said...

Hurray indeed! We are so proud of our 2/3 lawyer. Call us when you land somewhere. Dad got to go to the last Jazz Warrior playoff game. Rooting for the Warriors in a sea of Jazz fans was very brave.
Lots of love and applause.

irene said...

Wow~~....soo lucky!!!...Have fun you guys in the Big Apple and post often!!!!....