Wednesday, July 19, 2006


K, so I don't write very often. To make up for it, I'm writing four posts in one:

1) Interview requests are now being processed, but I already found out that I won four lottery interviews. That means I bid enough points to get those interviews automatically, regardless of whether the employer wants me or not. Hey, I've got at least four!

2) First round of class selection ended today. I've got three great classes for first semester, and two great classes for spring. There's another couple rounds of class selection left, but I'm very happy with the ones I've got so far. Rock on.

3) I've got a monthly column now on the CASA website. If you care about how to plan a summer tour, read my first article.

4) I've been selected to co-host and produce a podcast of all original a cappella music. It's more fun than I even expected! If you're interested, or even just want to mock my radio voice, give it a listen (I'm on episode 2).

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barb said...

Hey Dave-
Remember me? What are you up to?