Tuesday, July 11, 2006


The UT-based International Children's Choir has been selected to represent the United States in the World Choir Games, an olympic-like tournament for choirs. This year's Games will be held Xiamen, China. Because they've been asked to sing music that represents the religion of their area, they will be performing a few LDS hymns: "The Spirit of God," "Let Zion in Her Beauty Rise," and "A Child's Prayer." The last one will be sung in various languages. For more info on the story, check here.

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Anonymous said...

hi dave, you don´t know me, my name is juan and I am friends with Amber Jensen. I am here in Chile, and did a 2 week tour with BYU. I am a senior in Vocal Performance. There were just 2 students and our teacher. I read some of your blog, and saw the bit on the International Childrens Choir School trip to China. That was really interesting. I was a member of ICCS 10 years ago when we went to a Music Festival in Italy. It was great. Anyway, good luck. This is kind of random.
Juan Pereira