Saturday, May 06, 2006


Board. I received a nice phone call today from Deke Sharon, founder and current president of the Contemporary Acappella Society (CASA). They took a vote today, and unanimously voted me in as a member of the society's Board of Directors. This means that in addition to my current duties as a head of one of their programs, I'll also participate in their monthly board meetings online, and their annual board retreat in the SF Bay Area. Sweet.

Bored. I'm studying bond valuation right now. Exciting.

Board. Since it's a lovely, sunny day in Charlottesville, I put on some old shorts, and it turns out they have a hint of sunblock smell on them. I keep getting a whiff every few minutes, and it reminds me of my family's annual summer vacations to the beach at Pajaro Dunes in Monterey Bay. Mmmm.


Leung said...

You've been at school all day long - I saw you. But given the fact that you made this post at 2 and just now made a response to my blog, and, furthermore, I've seen you just randomly walking around, I think it's safe to say that you've been as productive as I have. Namely, NOT productive. at all. That is my problem, anyway. I hope you are not suffering my same fate.

davecharliebrown said...

Corporate finance can only hold your attention for so long. At least that one's over with. Just one final left!