Wednesday, April 02, 2008

My car

I'm sitting here in the Toyota service center waiting for my Highlander to have its 75,000-mile checkup. This seemingly mundane moment actually brings a set of mixed feelings for me.

A gift from my generous parents as I returned from Spain in Fall 2002, my car has been my most reliable friend over the past 5+ years. She's driven with me back and forth from Utah to California numerous times; all the way to Virginia and back twice; and to Georgia, North Carolina, and New York for various school and music commitments. She spent last summer parked in New York just outside Manhattan, making a couple trips upstate to visit friends. Though sometimes a little late on my timing, I've given her every service and every update she's needed. Which, since she's a Toyota, hasn't been that many.

So why the mixed feelings? The truth is that our relationship is doomed. I'm moving to New York City in the fall to start my new job and I just can't take her with me. Having a car in Manhattan is more of a liability than an asset. Not including all the expenses of insuring and fueling the car, the parking alone is cost prohibitive; The $500+ per month you spend housing the car is like letting it have its own apartment. In essence, my new job is taking me to a place she can't come. So sad.

The silver lining here is that I'll be selling the car to my sister in Ohio. Her car is on its way out, and considering how expensive a new car is, and how unreliable an unknown used car can be, it's actually a win-win. It'll be a good car for her family (they already love their other Highlander), the price is right, and I need to sell. Jenga.

Even so, it's still a little sad for me. This was the car that greeted me at the airport when I returned from Spain. This was the car that moved me to school after my mission. This was the car that provided me a social life while in college. This was the car I drove away from my wedding in. We're nearly inseparable.

But alas, we will soon separate. We now face the inevitable. We only have another 6-8 weeks together. I should start one of those construction paper chains so I can count down the days.

Of course it's all for the best. Here's to you, my Highlander.


{irene} said...

Oh sad!..I love your car!..Remember when we all went to Cali?...good times!

Kindt Family said...

Aww, Dave... how terrible. That's a beautiful car. I remember when I drove it with you to San Diego, oh so long ago... it was so smooth. My car is 13 years old (i've had it for 6) and falling apart, but I'll still have separation issues when she dies and we have to get something new. This must be torture. The blog tribute probably helps the healing process, though. Good idea. Maybe your sister will let you have the hood ornament as a keepsake.

davecharliebrown said...

Or maybe I can arrange for visitation rights every other weekend.

Alisa said...

no!!! that's the car we used to sing "beautiful" in!! it can't go!!!!

rosa said...

'Twas a good car, she was. I already miss her.

Anonymous said...

Dave, your car will be very happy in my garage between Hubby's Highlander and the High School Hottie's Honda. You are welcome you visit her as often as you wish. I promise to keep the piano tuned. She will be well maintained, although I can't guarantee the interior...I live with children and we live in the car. I'm looking forward to windows that work, a stereo that gets more than two stations since the antenna wasn't broken off in the carwash and having less than 160,000 miles on the engine. My poor 1996 Pathfinder is ready to be put out to pasture. How many cupholders does it have?

davecharliebrown said...

Radio works great, though I can't say as much about the tape player. The 6-disc CD changer makes up for it though.

Two cupholders in the front seat, plus two on each back seat passenger door.

The interior is leather. But I understand kids and callings sometimes take precedence with car interiors.

I'll give you $50 if you actually DO put your car out in a pasture.

rosa said...

I already spilled fry sauce on the front seat and console, so I gotcha covered. Already broken in and ready for kids.

p.s. I cleaned it up and you can't tell. And also, it was four years ago.

Anonymous said...

At least you're keeping it in family. I remember when you took the keys. (tear falling)

Jess and Jared said...

Isn't it funny how you become attached to a car? It sometimes feels like a person with a personality and such! Jared used to name his cars in high school. I would love a highlander. If you sister backs out, let us know. ;) We are in the market for a second car.