Tuesday, November 13, 2007


In true a cappella nerdiness form, Rosa and I traveled all the way down to North Carolina this past weekend to attend a big a cappella festival. Bringing together dozens of groups and hundreds of fans, this is truly a mega event if there ever was one. Fortunately, it had less of a trekkie convention feel and more of a sweet concert feel.

Friday night there was a great collegiate competition. Saturday they had classes all day (including a few by yours truly), and then Saturday night was the greatest pro concert I've ever been to. We saw an energetic young group from NYC called Duwende, an unbelievable heavy metal (yes heavy metal) group from Finland called Fork, and the coolest batch of street guys from the Bronx called Naturally 7. I highly recommend looking these guys up on YouTube. The show was jaw dropping.

Overall, we had fun teaching, helping groups, helping the event producers, and especially meeting old friends. A great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

It sounds well worth the trip. Noteworthy has a great pic and write-up in BYU Today which just arrived. I'll bring yours to Texas.
Love, Mom