Thursday, September 07, 2006

Vocal Point 2006-07!!!

Vocal Point has chosen a new lineup for 2006-07:

JJ Haines
Ben Henry
Ryan Innes
Jeremiah Jackson
Micah Lorenc
Buck Mangum
Brad McOmber
Michael Sackett
Chase Weed

James Stevens returns as director.

The three members returning from last year, JJ, Ryan, and Buck, are motivated, incredible singers. Jeremiah and Chase have both been in the group in the past, and will contribute greatly to the sound and the vision. I can induce that the four new members are incredible from two pieces of data: 1) I know Michael Sackett is the bomb, and 2) they had a lot of people audition, so the four they chose must be of the highest quality.

I'm psyched. I'm officially going on record as saying that these 9 are going to have an incredible year. Booyah.

Read the official announcement on the Vocal Point website.


Stupidramblings said...

Did you just say Booyah?

Your mom!...

amber nicole said...

wait a second, is that the same chase who was a freshman in vocal point second semester of that one year? is he back from his mission?


time flies.

davecharliebrown said...

same guy! can you believe it?!

Kyles said...

I also would like to add my 2 bits (Dave could you find me the background to that idiom, please). My mission companion from Mongolia (my trainer) kept asking what all these English idioms were and then one day she said, "can I just say I give my one bit?". I laughed and we went forward with the work....okay sorry back to my 2 bits.

I also want to go on record before they even start to say that I know VP will be outstanding this year also. Why?: (1)James is amazing! (2) I also know Michael Sackett is amazing. (3) Buck will be great in the daunting task of vocal percussion. (4) the returning guys were great in Boston when I heard them recently. (5) I'm sure the new guys have rockin voices.

So yet again (even from afar) I anxiously await a great year for Vocal Point.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you know Micah? This is his friend Jody Holbert, now Jody Madden from high school. Will you please tell him I said, "hey" and give him my email addy?