Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy First Anniversary!

To celebrate our first trip around the sun, Rosie and I went out last night for a nice Italian dinner and some killer gelato. She can't get enough of either of those (she's half-Italian, after all).

Then we headed out to the lovely Virginia countryside to a little bed and breakfast called South River Country Inn. The place is adorable, and everything was ready for us when we arrived - the flowers I had requested, along with a welcoming note from the owners, Judy and Cliff.

Morning brought us an amazing country view and Judy's famous breakfast, including homemade sausage! This is the kind of place you could sit out on the porch all day and drink lemonade. It was a lovely little excursion. We got back to Charlottesville in time to put the beef stroganoff in the slow cooker (Rosa's half-Hungarian, after all), for a great ending to a lovely weekend.

I think Rosa put it best when she said, "It's been a year and we're still Daryl."

Happy anniversary, Rosie!


Brian Leung said...

Not to be all nosy (but yes, to be nosy), but which italian place did you go to? I assume it's one of the ones downtown. Was it Sal's?? I LOVE Sal's! They have some of the freshest shrimp I've found in Charlottesville...and I'm a double hoo, so that must say something! Although..I must admit I have low standards. I may have missed the point of your entry...because all I could think about was Sal's. And gelato. Mmmmm

davecharliebrown said...

it was Sal's. we love that place. although this table we sat at was so tall and had like no surface area. but it was all romantic, so we just pretended like we had space for our silverware and our giant plates.

sal's is even better in the summer when you can sit outside. you feel like you're in italy. well, except for the Virginia accents.