Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Spring Break!

A fabulous week in Utah. And a full one:

--after an all-nighter, finishing my Journal Tryout, a quick shower and packing
--whisking away to BWI airport
--hugging Mom and Dad
--staying in the Pajaro room
--remembering what it's like to have real TV
--visiting Noteworthy - always delicious
--hearing Catherine sing some of her new songs - unbelievable
--visiting Vocal Point - they're better than ever
--doing taxes with Dad
--meals at all our favorite places
--a nice visit to the law firm where I'll be working this summer
--helping Mark hang a mural in Josh's room
--seeing our close friends be sealed together in the Salt Lake temple
--meeting and eating with our friends' families
--a roller-coaster flight home
--a 3+ hour drive from Baltimore to Charlottesville - in bed at 4am


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