Monday, February 06, 2006

Musical Weekend

So, first of all, I got a CD review published on this weekend. Check it out here: CD Review: Voices Only 2005.

Also, I was asked to judge an ICCA divisional this weekend. As it approached, I was getting excited and nervous, but little did I know what awaited me. On Friday morning, the Executive Director of the ICCA called me and told me that the show's producer was extremely ill and would be unable to come to the event. She then asked me to produce and judge the event! Yikes!

So I did. After some extensive, frantic planning on Friday, I headed out on Saturday afternoon. I drove two hours down to Williamsburg through a nasty rainstorm. Luckily, when I got there, I found a nice venue, a host group that was extremely prepared, and five well-rehearsed groups that all showed up on time. It was a miracle. The judges came, the sound and lighting worked, the tickets sold, the volunteers were friendly to the crowds... it was great! The hardest part of the night was judging the actual show. All five groups were well rehearsed, and it was tough competition. In all the time I competed in ICCA, I never realized how tough it was to judge. But in the end, we came out with a winner, and a couple of runners-up. If you're interested in specifics, scroll down to the bottom of this page. After a bit of cleaning up, the night was over. Plus a two hour drive home. At 2am, I collapsed. Luckily I was in my pajamas in bed at the time. :)

And the final piece of news: my ward choir started rehearsing again yesterday. We finally have a place to rehearse! They sound great. It's nice to be conducting again.

That was my musical weekend. La la la!

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